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Family and Music are two of my favorite things!

Emma and I at an outdoor wedding

My daughter Emma is my biggest helper and accompanies me to all of my meetings and events. She helps me setup and teardown and maintains the lighting around the venues for me during the events. Getting to spend time with my daughter and provide music entertainment at weddings, parties and events is a dream come true for me. Here are some events that we had a blast at! 

DJ'ing an outdoor ceremony at a beautiful outdoor spot in Vermillion!
Fundraiser event for a dance and marshal arts studio in Avon!
Awesome local birthday party for a previous clients mother!
First time DJ'ing at this venue. The space is amazing!
The uplights make this stage pop!
Wedding DJ'd for a close friend at a beautiful rustic spot!
Been to this venue many times but the stage setups are awesome here!
First time DJ'ing at a car dealership for a Christmas party!
Wedding for my Wife's friend. It's good to know people!
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